Kindness: Gotcha

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

While I was getting ready to leave on a recent Sunday, a woman who had been at the Course in Miracles (ACIM) group told me something that was music to my ears. She said, “This is a really happening place. I came here several years ago, and it wasn’t like this.” It is a happening place — and almost every Sunday after service a program or meeting is taking place. This past Sunday in Unity Hall there were groups of people visiting at different tables and at one table there were four folks playing cards.

This Sunday will be no different. After the service, per usual, the ACIM group will be meeting. We will also have the workshop “The Courage to Forgive,” facilitated by Rev. Amy Cousins. This workshop will invite you to have the courage to take the idea of forgiveness and change it into the action of forgiveness. Rev. Amy is a skilled facilitator and is passionate about supporting people to be their highest self. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn about becoming a part of the Prayer Partner Ministry. If you are interested, Team Leader Barbara Kowalska will be available to talk with you and answer questions.

Do you know what the side effects of kindness are? We know it feels good to be kind, and kindness is one of the most important ingredients for us to possess if we are to live a spiritually transformed life.

Mother Theresa said, “Be kind and merciful. Let no one ever come to you without coming away better and happier.”

I found the 5 Beneficial Side Effects of Kindness on a website by David Hamilton Jr.,Ph.D. Here they are:

1. Kindness makes us happier.
2. Kindness gives us healthier hearts.
3. Kindness slows aging (this is my favorite).
4. Kindness makes for better relationships.
5. Kindness is contagious.

To hear the expanded side effects, listen to Sunday’s talk.

If you were at the Burning Bowl Service, you’ll remember I invited you to log at least 5 acts of kindness you either extended or received daily each night. I am again extending that invitation; knowing of all the health benefits, why wouldn’t you want to extend kindness and stay healthy!!!

This Sunday, join me for “Prayer: the Ultimate Lifestyle.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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