I of the Storm

Note: Because there was a power outage during our service, there is no audio file for this Sunday.

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey: On Saturday we held our annual Sacred Service Brunch. This is the event where we honor those who are in service to our community. The Team Leaders selected the theme, which this year was “Bearers of the Light,” and the Board of Trustees provided the food. We are so grateful for the service of every one of our Sacred Servers, for without them this ministry could not provide the level of excellence that we do in all our services, programs and classes.

On Sunday – even though we were thrown a curve ball – we carried of the service like nothing even happened. If you weren’t there, here is what the curve ball was. It was just 10 a.m. and the lights went out in the building, so no AV, no mics, no keyboard, no lights in the children’s classrooms, no heat, and most importantly, no water. The service and children’s program went off without a hitch. Deana moved the music to the grand piano and the service went on. The power came back on at noon.

The I of the StormSo because of the power outage there will be no message to listen to this week. However, here is the crux of what I talked about. I am beginning a series using the book by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons, I of the Storm. To many of you this is not new, and a review is always good. We are in very turbulent times in our world, and the winds of change are swirling. Simmons uses the analogy of a hurricane to describe what we often experience in our personal lives. It is a time when two air masses collide, causing friction… the makings of a hurricane. If you have lived through a hurricane, you know that at the center is a place of perfect balance, peace and calm.

Consider a recent turbulent time in your own life, possibly in a relationship when there were swirling emotions and the opposite of peace, calm, balance… how different the experience would be if you knew that at the center is a place of perfect balance, peace and calm. This is what this lesson teaches us. How to be in the I of the storm.

From the book, one of Simmons’ teachers said: The future can only be regarded as possibilities floating on a sea of infinite possibilities. What makes us so predictable is that attention and awareness continuously reframe the present moment in the context of past influences. Who we are today is what sets tomorrow’s stage.

Consciousness is poured into the creative framework of attention and awareness to set into motion the forces that organize the manifest universe. If consciousness is in bondage to the past or if attention is mesmerized according to ingrained patterns of awareness, the future is simply an extended line from here into tomorrow – that’s what makes the future predictable.

That was an eloquent way of saying that the ‘stuff’ we’ve stored in our minds will affect our future – because we are always interpreting what is happening now based on our past experiences and beliefs. When what we think, speak, feel and believe isn’t in alignment with those spiritual truths, then what we create in our lives doesn’t look like heaven.

If we want tomorrow to be better than today – if we want this to be the best year of our life, then today we must find a way to embrace and realize these spiritual truths in a greater way. If we want to change our awareness, our perceptions and our ability to experience heaven, then we will need to find our way to a changed consciousness.

In the Bible, we are invited to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. Today we are here to claim our divine inheritance as a beloved creation of God and start living the truth we teach here at Unity.

Join me on April 29 as we continue, and the topic will be “Wholeness.”

This Sunday at the 10 a.m. service we will be hosting singer/songwriter Dennis Warner as he delights us with sermon and song. Our older children will be in the service during his talk, as his music and message is for all ages.

Speaking of our children… next Sunday, April 29, there will be a talent show at noon featuring our Unity talent. The proceeds for this event goes to outfitting our children’s cottage with furniture and accessories that make it a beautiful space for our beloved little people. Even if you can’t attend, you might consider giving a donation for it. Look for the poster board that will show some of the items that they are requesting.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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