I Of The Storm: Who Is Your Enemy?

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey —

Last Friday night was a big night at Unity of Greater Portland. If was our Eat, Play, Love fundraiser featuring The Flukes, which by the way were awesome. We will certainly invite them back again. This is a group of about seven people who came together six years ago, none of them knowing how to play the ukulele, and now they are about 30 members strong. They were very impressive!

The silent and live auction was so much fun. Thank you, Patti Lacombe and Steph Plourde, for entertaining us as our auctioneers. We had wonderful items to bid on as well as many service items. The live auction included a three-night stay at an Airbnb cottage on Vinalhaven, a week at a condo in Albuquerque, New Mexico and a weekend at another Airbnb in Cape Elizabeth.

A loud shout-out to Amy Cousins, Patti Lacombe, Bonnie Dalrymple, Cindy Uhl and Matt Purinton, who were the organizers of the event. There were many others who helped make it all come together, for whom we are so grateful. Thank you all for a well-done event.

On Sunday the message was “Who’s Your Enemy?” We are continuing talks from the book I of the Storm by Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons. What are the storms in your life? Jesus called those things that appear to be against us “the enemy.” We may believe the enemy to be our body, an illness, divorce, death of a loved one, prosperity challenges, etc. However, the enemy is not any of those things.

• The real enemy is the belief that any of these things can be against us.
• The real enemy is when we feel separate from God and separate from each other.
• The real enemy is when we are caught up in misperception.
• The real enemy is when we feel intense, aggressive competition.
• The real enemy is our defensiveness.
• The real enemy is our way of relating to the storms in our life.

The “I” that Simmons talks about is at the very center of our being. It is found within our hearts and these centers can never oppose each other because this is where we truly connect. Hearts never battle; only heads do. I have purposely bolded this, as it should never be forgotten. The heart leads and the head is second in command. However, for most of us it is just the opposite, and then we find ourselves in conflict.

Feeling love and joy helps us open our heart space. Feeling love and joy synchronizes our head and our heart energy – and that extends our energy field. Consciously choosing to open our hearts, we stay connected with others. When we shift to the heart, we feel the oneness of our divine connection and experience the Presence within. This gives us access to deeper understanding and wisdom. By moving our attention to the Presence of God, we can allow Spirit to guide and direct our actions, no matter what is happening in our lives. That is the “I of the storm.” We experience the “I” by feeling love.

This coming Sunday the message is “Tell Me More.” This one is a game-changer when you apply this teaching to a conversation that may be somewhat contentious. See you soon!

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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