Divine Audacity: You are the Light of the World

Unity Minister Sig Paulsen would use this affirmation: “I AM WHAT I AM because I insist upon it.” I like it!

This past Sunday began a new series from the book Divine Audacity (it is available in our book and gift store) written by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, vice-president of Silent Unity.

Rev. Linda takes us through co-founder Charles Fillmore’s signature teachings of the 12 Powers. If you are not familiar with the 12 Powers, you will find them very interesting and see how they correlate to different places in our bodies.

What is divine audacity? Divine audacity is bold spiritual living – living under the radical premise that I AM divine. Therefore, I am courageously responsive. I am fearlessly self-reflective and self-corrective, and I hold myself accountable for thoughts, words and actions that are in integrity with my Divine Identity.

Rev. Linda says: I dare to ignore the way things are and what cannot be done, bringing about the seemingly impossible. I suspend belief in the limitations that seem inherent in human existence to stretch beyond my known capacity. I disregard appearances to hold a vision of what can be so steadily that it must manifest. I overlook history, deriving my sense of direction instead from the source of life, love and wisdom… I believe in the inherent goodness of all people.

With divine audacity, we DARE – we are BOLD to be the light of the world.

What does it mean to be the Light of the World?

To be the light of the world, we plug into the Source, or One Mind, or GOD and derive from the Source our spiritual capacities that we express in common human circumstances.

We must also acknowledge the light and admit the light.

Charles Fillmore says: Everyone has within him the light of divine understanding. Those who do not recognize that they have this inner light are thinking intellectually instead of spiritually. The Christ light comes forth from God and under all circumstances is aware of its source. (Mysteries of John, 86)

This is the inner light we all have which harbors no sense of separation and lives in harmony with all beings. It does not condemn nor is it reactive. It brings forward the illumination of the inner spirit. It’s not personal; it is universal.

It is important that we allow the light to shine through us and to do so means we must stop struggling.

And lastly, we must be the light. Being the light means we are in agreement to act from a consciousness of unity with the One Mind. We are in agreement to be unified rather than divided.

Being the light requires us to claim, audaciously, our Divine Identity or I AM power.

I AM WHAT I AM because I insist upon it.

This coming Sunday at the 10 a.m. service we will be blessed with Rivera Sun. I am so excited that she is coming and I am expecting all of us to turn out to welcome her.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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