How to Pray Without Talking to God – Part 3

Sunday Message from Rev. Pat Bessey

This week the Tuesday morning book group will be having the last gathering of 2019. We will be concluding the book by Mirabai Starr, God of Love. This group of men and women have done a deep dive into their own spiritual journey along with Mirabai. We will be doing another book yet to be decided in January. If your schedule is such that you are free on Tuesday mornings, I invite you to join us.

Speaking of joining us, this Sunday will be our traditional Thanksgiving lunch… come and have lunch with your family. I will guarantee that you will have great food and, more importantly, great conversation with great people.

This series from the book How to Pray Without Talking to God by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett concluded on Sunday. The focus was on the importance of having a daily prayer and meditation practice. What are the obstacles to a daily practice? For most of us, we think we don’t have enough time. Rev. Linda has this to say, “Once our eyes open after a night’s rest, most people begin a cycle of thinking and doing for the next 16 hours or more.” Sound familiar…  is it really true that we don’t have time to pray or meditate?

I tell a great story on Sunday of the young man who didn’t have time to sharpen his ax and almost lost his job. He had been working too hard and couldn’t take time. How about you? Have you been too busy, too hard at work to sharpen your ax? Prayer is the hone that gives you that sharp edge. Without it, the more work you do, the duller you’ll get.

The late Billy Graham said, “We are slaves to our gadgets, puppets of our power, and prisoners of our security. The theme of our generation is: “Get more, know more, and do more,” instead of “Pray more, be more, and serve more.”

Cultivating a consciousness of wholeness is important to understand. ”We pray with wholeness in mind. We do not pray for healing. The need for healing is a thought based on the false possibility of brokenness. Healing is the activity of recovery, repair, and restoration, correcting a consciousness that had veered away from wholeness. In other words, we heal ourselves by cultivating a consciousness of wholeness.” — Rev. Martella-Whitsett.

Here is a prayer prescription to bring you into a consciousness of wholeness…

• Daily meditation
• Daily education
• Daily introspection
• Daily inspiration
• Avoid negative news or shows that are violent
• Spend time in the silence
• Choose people who are positive to be around
• Bring laughter and levity in your day
• Do something out of the ordinary in your day

There is far more that was covered in the talk about prayer… please take the time to listen.

Next Sunday we will be talking about “gratitude” as we prepare for Thanksgiving later in the week.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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