Heart Thoughts: Trust

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I love how Spirit works… during the sharing of the Good News Joan Chadbourne shared how she had a situation that she realized if she just trusted everything would work out and it did. Little did she know that trust was the theme for my message. Here are some thoughts from that message…

TRUST – Truly Rely Upon Spirit’s Timing. A Course In Miracles: Trust would settle every problem now!

Trust refers to having a belief and faith in a higher power or divine force.

Here are a couple of examples of those who did just that.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta: She gave her life of service to the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India, exemplifies spiritual trust. She dedicated her life to caring for the destitute and suffering, trusting that this work was her calling and a way to serve God.

Mahatma Gandhi: Gandhi’s nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience against British colonial rule in India were grounded in his spiritual beliefs and trust in the power of truth and nonviolence. His actions ultimately led to India’s independence.

Did either of these folks know what the spiritual journey was going to be for them.

Alan Cohen, author of the book Dare to Be Yourself says: Often we feel as if we are in the dark, not quite sure which direction to take to our goal. Sometimes we are not even clear about what our goal is. Then, just at the moment we need it, our next step is illuminated.

If we expect or demand to be shown all the steps at once, we are likely to become frustrated and confused. It is rare that any of us see much more than one or two steps ahead of us.

The essential requirement for all spiritual advancement is trust. Because the universe is created by a loving God, everything in it that God has created is good.

Our task as students on the path of awakening is not to try to make things good, but to find, acknowledge, and celebrate the good that already exists. The path to healing begins with the choice to see benevolence.

The message is one you might want to revisit from time to time, especially when you are waiting for the next step and your patience is wearing thin. This is a great reminder to be still and trust!

If you missed the service, you could watch it here.

Join me this Sunday as we continue with Dare To Be Yourself and the topic will be “forgiveness”.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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