Heart Thoughts: Command Creator Consciousness

Weather conditions influenced our Sunday service, leading many of you to choose the comfort of your homes for viewing. Despite the lower attendance, the atmosphere in the sanctuary remained vibrant, and witnessing the connections formed among individuals brings me immense joy. Recent research supports the notion that people gather on Sundays primarily for the sake of connection and community.

This sentiment aligns with the conclusions drawn by Cali Crowley in her recent articles. In one piece, she highlighted the shift away from dining room table meals, a trend I personally resonated with. Inspired by her insights, I decided to recommit having my evening meals at the table. This conscious choice has brought me a sense of comfort and mindfulness about my eating habits. I’ve found that sitting down to enjoy my dinner without distractions, such as television or YouTube, enhances the overall dining experience. If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to give it a shot – you might discover the positive impact it can have on your meals.

Thursday at 4 p.m. the Unity Women’s Adventure Group will be having Deb Engle as our guest. It is on Zoom, and you must register to get the Zoom link.

Continuing with the Sunday messages from the book Supercharged Self-Healing by RJ Spina, this week we looked at Step 4: Command Creator Consciousness.

The foundational elements of our existence, both in terms of consciousness and physical structure, are referred to as energetic templates. These templates originate in significantly more subtle frequencies than those detectable by our five physical senses.

Through the implementation of step 4, we acquire the skills to tap into these higher states of consciousness. This enables us to address and heal ourselves at a fundamental level, rather than merely treating symptoms. Experiencing these elevated states of consciousness firsthand offers a tangible connection to an expanded Total Self, leading to an enriched quality of life.

So you can see the importance of following these steps. I spoke with someone on Sunday who is going through the book a second time because doing the practices just once isn’t enough to get the lasting effect.

In this chapter the “clairs” were introduced and they are the following:

• Clairsentience: intuitive knowing by feeling
• Clairvoyance: intuitive knowing by seeing
• Clairaudience: intuitive hearing
• Claircognizance: intuitive knowledge or wisdom
• Clairempathy: intuitive feeling by emotion
• Clairaction: intuitive touch
• Claireloquence: intuitive communicating
• Clairolfactence: intuitive smell
• Clairgustence: intuitive taste
• Clairessence: intuitive embodiment or the master of all intuitiveness

This is only a small sampling of what is available to us when we go beyond our limited low frequency realm of the physical senses. As you review them you will see that you have one or two of these if not more that provide you with information on a need be basis.

If you missed the service, you can watch it here. I also had several folks comment on the meditation that I did and so if you want to listen to just the meditation go to the time of 49 minutes in the service either on Facebook or on our YouTube channel Unity For Spiritual Growth (subscribe if you haven’t already) and the meditation starts there.

Next week will be Step 5: Channel Intelligent Energy into the Body. Then we will have a break for Palm Sunday and Easter.

Know that you are so very loved and appreciated.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey


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