Heart Thoughts: Attitude of Gratitude

I am writing this on late Sunday afternoon, and I am still vibrating from the high energy that was in the service this morning. It surely was a continuation of our 85th anniversary last Sunday. We were blessed with great music from Deana Gurney and Wiley Beveridge accompanied by Don Labbe, Michael Wozick, Bill Taylor and Rev Airin Wolf.

That is a lot to be grateful for and then add Rev. Jesse James in the mix and the gratitude o’meter goes off the chart. Her talk title was The Art of Homecoming. Although coming back to Unity Center for Spiritual Growth is a homecoming for her, she was also focusing on coming home to ourselves. Remembering the importance of taking time to go within and acknowledging that we are fully divine as well as fully human. She ended with a beautiful poem that she wrote. You can watch the service here, if you missed it, here and you can read the poem here.

We have more to celebrate and that is the 85 angels giving $85 dollars… we fell just short of our goal; however, we had 71 angels for a total of $6,035. The people in our community ROCK!

I want to highlight Unity’s World Day of Prayer, which is Thursday, September 9. Our Prayer Partners will be holding a prayer service at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. I hope you can join us. This is the 29th annual World Day of Prayer. I was part of the organizing team as a student at Unity for the very first World Day of Prayer.

This year’s theme for World Day of Prayer is “Holding the High Watch.” The affirmation is: I pray with an elevated mind and open heart.

There will be an opening ceremony on Wednesday, September 7, at 8 p.m. ET. You can immerse yourself in prayer, music and contemplation. To register for this Zoom event. use this link. Registration is free and requires only your email address.

Next Sunday we will resume our story with Tony Celentano and Frankie Doerrer from the book Life Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard by Rev. Lauren McLaughlin. We will be diving into the second Concept of Realizing: That you are the cause of your own problem.

There is still time for you to join me for two Zoom sessions to become a member at Unity Center for Spiritual Growth. Becoming a member is about saying “yes” to a deeper commitment to your own spiritual journey. The dates are September 11 and 18. 

Have a wonder-filled week and smile to at least 10 people a day…

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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