Heart Thoughts: Abraham, Millionaire

I know you know this, but I have to say we have awesome folks in our community. Every week I see the dedication of several making everything work.

This past Saturday was our Spring Cleanup Day and once again, we had people show up, along with Jeff Plumer and his crew from Arrowhead Landscape Company. A big item that we got to check off the list was taking down the little shed that was beyond salvageable. Thanks to the efforts of Jim Staebler, Todd Glacy, and Sue Vittner, it has been demolished.

The gardens out back got cleaned out and ready for planting by Connie Troumbley and Cynthia Talbot. On Sunday, they were out there again, pruning and cleaning, along with Valarie Amirault. We will be having fresh vegetables this summer, thanks to these wonderful women! And out front around the labyrinth, Cheryl Hicks was cleaning up the debris from the winter. Those many hands made our day a great success!

This week in the series called the Million Dollar Spring, we looked at Abraham. He is known as the pioneering millionaire. He grew up in Ur, which was in Babylon, and the people there were very advanced and prosperous. It is also thought that he studied under the mystical millionaire Melchizedek, learning the mental and spiritual laws of prosperity and how to manifest it.

In Hebrew, the name Abraham means “Father of Exaltation.” His state of mind was uplifted.

Metaphysically, his name means “Faith”. Here is an important step in manifesting what you want in life.

There is a lot of important information in this lesson. If you missed it or you feel you want to review it, You can watch it here.

Here are the takeaway points for this week:

• to walk forward in faith,
• knowing that prosperity is our spiritual heritage
• release that which is holding us back, in order to keep pace with the new growth taking place in our lives
• and the value of tithing back to God one-tenth of the blessings we have received

This week’s affirmation is:


Next week, join me as we discover what prosperity secrets Ismael and Isaac have for us…

Have a blessed week!

You are a blessing in my life,

Rev. Patricia Bessey



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