Finding Your Song

Dennis Warner

Sunday Message and Music by Guest Presenter Dennis Warner

Dennis has toured all 50 states and beyond, released 10 CDs, authored Beads on One String and performed in concert at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

Have I told you lately how much I love my job! Sundays are the highlight of my week. I can hardly believe I am saying that when there was a time that I dreaded Sunday morning. Come Saturday night when I was putting the last-minute touches on the talk, I was giving the next morning, I would tell LeRoy, “I can’t do this. You need to talk tomorrow. I will do all the administrative stuff that is required of us as ministers, but I can’t do Sunday morning.” His reply to me always was, “Yes, you can do it, and you will do it well.” Come Sunday morning I would get through it somehow and then come home and spend the afternoon rolled up in the fetal position reviewing the morning and all the places I felt I screwed up. It was not pretty, and it was not fun. This went on for a few years and then I finally decided something had to change. I began to accept my style of speaking and stop comparing myself to those who I thought were so much better than I was. I will say here that those who I was holding myself up against had been doing ministry a lot longer than I had, but somehow that didn’t make a difference for me.

So I tell you all of this because this past Sunday we had Dennis Warner as our guest speaker and musician and Dennis talked about finding our own song. He shared that in his early years as a musician he would go to Nashville several times a year and take song writing courses and beat down the doors of recording studios and record producers hoping to become the next Garth Brooks (who by the way had not even been popular then). What Dennis finally discovered is that he had to be himself and that his music had to come from his heart, not his head. Once he made that discovery he never looked back, and his career took him in a new direction. He shared with us how important it is to find our own song. That doesn’t necessarily translate to becoming singers, but what it does say is: Find who you are and use your voice and talents to be the best you that you can be, to make a difference in the world.

By the way, if you were with us on Sunday, you got to see firsthand how everything may not go as smoothly as we would like (technical issues), and yet it didn’t take anything away from the message. And a huge thank you to Chris Purinton in our sound booth for editing out what was not pertinent to the talk.

This coming Sunday, we will be doing something that I have wanted to do for years and never quite had the courage, but I am letting you know I am stepping outside my comfort zone and having a “Rapping with the Ministers” Sunday at the 10 a.m. service. What this means is that myself, Rev LeRoy, Rev Airin and possibly others will be fielding questions from you in the congregation on spiritual matters that you have wanted to know. It should be a lot of fun. Who knows? It might send me home to the fetal position again… just kidding!

One last thought: This Friday evening we will be going as a community to the play Singing in the Rain at the Schoolhouse Art Center. If you would like to go, please email me ASAP, as I will be ordering tickets on Thursday morning.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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