Everyday Sacred

Vaishali Mamgain

Vaishali Mamgain

Sunday message (audio) by Vaishali Mamgain

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

April has arrived… we have another winter in the box and I don’t know about you, but I found it to be a bit challenging. However, we are ready to put the heavy clothes away for another year and lighten up both physically and emotionally. A sure sign of spring is hearing the birds chirping in the morning. We have a woodpecker that we hear every morning pecking outside our window. Another sign of spring is the patches of grass that are now showing up as the snow melts. What was really the tell-all that spring is in the air was on Sunday when the children shared that they had been planting in the gardens. When I asked what they planted the response I got was “food.” I want to expand on what the children were doing and let you know that after the service and lunch this Sunday the Season for the Earth team will be hosting a meeting, and you are invited. This meeting will be to plan the activities that will be included in the season, along with a timeline for preparing the beds and starting the seedlings for planting. Come and add your energy and ideas.

On Sunday we also hosted Vaishali Mamgain as our guest speaker. What a delight she is… a native of India, she is the Associate Professor of Economics at USM and is the director of the Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion. Her talk was titled Everyday Sacred. It is being awake to everything around us… and to bridge contemplation and science. She gave us the science connected with breathing and gratitude that we practice in our daily practices. She also introduced us to “nexting” not “texting,” which I could so relate to.

The important message was that we are all in charge of our own path. The everyday sacred is remembering the world is replete with possibilities. We are all here to hold the space for each other… we hold up a mirror for each other.

She talked about the importance of nature and also to acknowledge our bodies and how they are changing and there is a vulnerability in that and it is beautiful; however, our culture doesn’t allow that. We have to be our inner teacher as the world is not going to let us appreciate the present, and that takes us away from appreciating the Sacred.

She ends with a Mary Oliver quote: “Attention is the beginning of devotion” — devotion is to our own path and to our own awakening.

She also gave us some practices to access the Sacred, and, whether you were there on Sunday or not, I invite you to listen to her message and practice the simple exercises she gives us.

This Sunday is Potluck Sunday, and I want to acknowledge you for the plentiful potlucks we have been blessed with… thank you for sharing and giving our Kitchen Staff a break.

Also, on Sunday we will have an ensemble from Women in Harmony sharing special music with us. My talk title is “Who Do You Think You Are?”

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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