Count Your Blessings

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

On the eve of Thanksgiving, many of you may be getting the turkey ready, making stuffing or peeling vegetables in preparation for tomorrow’s celebration; others may be on the road to be with family. And there may be those of you having a quiet day, possibly reflecting on the many things you are grateful for. Wherever this finds you, my friend, know that you are being sent blessings from Unity Center for Spiritual Growth for a happy and joyous Thanksgiving.

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a huge shout out to our Kitchen Team, Nancy Burnette, Martha and Ken Lloyd and Cindy Hildreth for a delicious Thanksgiving lunch on Sunday. They worked tirelessly preparing, serving and cleaning up as we fed over 60 people. Well done, my friends!

I want to share a few thoughts from the service on Sunday. Sir John Templeton, the billionaire investor, was once asked, what is the secret of wealth? Without hesitation, Templeton said, “Gratitude.” He went on to say, “If you’re not grateful, you’re not rich — no matter how much you have.”

Gratitude is a great mind magnet. When you are grateful for good in your life, you attract more good to you.

A few things to be grateful for are the Power of Choice. Each day we make thousands of choices about our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. Each choice produces its own consequences and reaction. No matter what happens, we can choose to be grateful.

Gratitude is the most powerful choice that one can make. Through the power of gratitude, we open a space to see God in all the details of our life. When we choose gratitude, the consequence is always a greater experience of God.

Another thing to be grateful for is Spiritual Vision. As you move about your world today, ask yourself, “What is the highest vision that I have for my life and my world?”

Look for the small, simple things that you can do, things that may not seem dramatic, but in truth are needed and are what give your world “heart.” Do at least two things today that will establish your vision of the world and give thanks that you are a positive influence for good.

One that is near and dear to me that I am grateful for is this Spiritual Community. As many of you know, Unity Center for Spiritual Growth became my spiritual community in September of 1989. I have been blessed in more ways than I can count by being connected here. The Unity teachings have brought me to where I am today, and my life is richer than any amount of money ever can bring me.

My prayer is that you are grateful for the good that has come into your life from being in this spiritual community. It is the power of coming together and sharing together that we deepen our experiences of God. As you give and serve in love, this community becomes a greater expression of God, and your life is filled with good. So, as you reflect on gratitude during this holiday, let’s not forget that your good comes from God and you get to express it through Unity Center for Spiritual Growth as well as other places in your life.

Gratitude brings us into the present.
Gratitude takes off the blinders.
Gratitude shows us what’s really important.
Gratitude helps us see options.
Gratitude increases our self-esteem.

“Every day think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.” ~ The Dalai Lama

The 8 a.m. service, Count Your Blessings, can be heard here. (Use the audio player above.) Next Sunday will be the Hanging of the Greens — time to decorate for Christmas! Join us for another heart-opening Sunday.

You are a my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Click here for Unity’s Say Grace: Thanksgiving Mealtime Blessings and Prayer.

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