The Light of Imagination: The Power of Conception, Vision and Embodiment

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

After spending the week with Paul Chappell, folks I knew, and new friends from across the country, Sunday was the cherry on the top of the sundae. I am still processing the information that Paul and Susan Radford shared with us regarding Peace Literacy. Curriculum is being developed and so look for opportunities to learn more in the coming months.

I love how the Universe conspires to work in tandem with what I am learning. As you know, I have been doing a series on Sunday mornings using the book Divine Audacity written by Rev. Linda Martella Whitsett. This week the focus was on imagination. In Paul’s work he teaches from Greek mythology about Metis, a goddess who symbolizes the power of thought. Metis makes good decisions, effective actions, discernment, forethought, skill, awareness, and wisdom. Then Paul introduces nine muscles that help us make good decisions, effective actions and promote peace, justice and well-being. These are also muscles of our shared humanity. One of these muscles is imagination.

James Dillet Freeman, author of The Prayer for Protection and Unity’s poet laureate, says this about imagination: Imagination is the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality… a power that frees us from the limitations of our senses… the power of conception.

From Peace Literacy: Every invention, idea, and story that people ever created resulted from the human imagination. We use our imagination when we tell jokes that make people laugh, especially if the joke creates a mental image in someone’s imagination. Without imagination there would be no movies. TV shows, video games, music, paintings, sculptures, technology breakthroughs or scientific discoveries.

And from the author, her definition: Imagination is our powerful capacity to picture what can be and, by holding that idea and developing it until we feel its effects while it is yet unmanifest, to live into that idea until it essentially becomes our reality. In a sense, imagination is our primary power because if it is essential for the cultivation of all our magnificent spiritual capacities.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, in his book Christian Healing, says: The highest and best work of the imagination is the marvelous transformation that it works in character. Imagine that you are one with the principle of good, and you will become truly good. To imagine oneself perfect fixes the idea of perfection in the invisible mind substance, and the mind forces at once begin the work of bringing forth perfection.

There are three components of imagination: conception, vision and embodiment. Conception starts at the beginning…”In the beginning GOD.” Everything you could ever conceive of originates in One Mind. Our conceiving power is unlimited. We are constantly having bright ideas. The more we exercise our conceiving power, the more we strengthen the muscle of imagination, the better decisions we make.

The visioning power of imagination is our capacity to dream of what has not yet manifest, to flesh out an idea, and to feel the benefit of it in advance of its fulfillment.

Paul K. Chappell

Paul K. Chappell, author of Peace Literacy

From Peace Literacy: The highest expression of our imagination is vision, which is our ability to imagine a brighter future that enhances well-being (such as a world where there is less genocide, enslavement, and mass shootings). Vision also involves imagining the practical steps we can take to create such a future. Our imagination not only has the power to be its own kind of world, galaxy, and universe, but it also has the power to drastically influence the events that we experience in this world, galaxy and universe.

Lastly is embodiment. Embodiment is the pinnacle of creation. From Neville Goddard: Disregard appearances, conditions, in fact all evidence of your senses that deny the fulfillment of your desire. Rest in the assumption that you are already what you want to be, for in that determined assumption, you and your Infinite Being are merged in creative unity, and with your Infinite Being (God), all things are possible (The Power of Awareness).

From Divine Audacity: Imagination’s powers of conception, vision and embodiment are chief among our spiritual capacities. When cultivated and activated, these abilities lead to audacious demonstrations. Like Jesus, you may begin to see yourself as a divine human here to remind others of their Divine Identity.

The affirmation for this week is: I AM the spiritual power of imagination, reclaiming my Divine Identity.

Join me this Sunday as we look at the Light of Zeal – The Power of Enthusiasm, Audacity, and Devotion.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey