White Stone Ceremony

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey I know that we Mainers are tough and many of you proved it on Sunday by showing up when the temperature was well below zero. As I drove down River Road on my way to the 8 a.m. service my car thermometer was registering -24… yikes… but you all showed up! What may have motivated you was the service which is always the first Sunday of the new year, the White Stone Ceremony. I love this service because it is a reminder that we have a clean slate in which to create our life… it represents freedom. This is a quote from John Selby’s book, Seven Masters, One Path: “We can’t hold one thing tightly in our grasp, and at the same time reach out and take something new. We must let go of and put aside what we are grasping, in order to … Continue reading

Creating Your Brightest Future

Sunday message by Matt Jones, whose mission is to inspire individuals to “Create their Brightest Future” through his miraculous story of conquering cancer three times when doctors did not think he would live, going through a bone marrow transplant, having to relearn how to walk, and running marathons around the world. In his talk, Matt shares the “Three Causes” that lead to the creation of one’s brightest future. Audience members will be uplifted and energized to have, be, and do more in Life. Hello Friends! This week’s letter is again coming to you from Steph Plourde, as Revs. Pat and LeRoy enjoy their final week of time off before returning to Unity of Greater Portland. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that they have been sorely missed, but constantly surrounded in our love. I want to thank our very talented and poised music director, Deana Gurney, who I hear did … Continue reading

Opening to the Power of the Black Madonna

Guest speaker Meghan Don Message from Rev. Patricia Bessey: Over the last week we have had two powerful experiences that I want to highlight… last Wednesday we had two delightful young men come and share their experience of living in the Maher community in India. Then this past weekend Meghan Don gifted us with her wisdom at the service Sunday morning, and afternoon workshop and Tuesday evening at the women’s group.  Meghan shared for us her thoughts on the Dark Face of the Feminine and Her Healing Power. We are in a time of great birthing in our world, and yet, the birthing of new energy and new life begins with the dissolution of the old. It is how this dissolution is lived out and re-birthed that becomes the vital key to elevating our world and its soul. The Dark Face of the Feminine – also known as the Black … Continue reading

What Now, Holy Now!

Sunday Message by Rev. Jesse James, former minister of Unity of Greater Portland From Rev Jesse: Beloved Unity Community, Happy week after Easter! My hope is that each of you has leaned into the Easter story with your life and feel that experience of resurrection in some place in your life that needed to be awakened with new God call – a new way of seeing God in and through it all. That awakening or resurrection is always in inner job with a change in consciousness occurring first before the outer manifestation can happen. If resurrection hasn’t quite happened for you this Easter season, not to worry. Resurrection can be a moment-to-moment, day by day experience of living every day. Easter being the special day honoring the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and what he modeled for our lives as well. Also, the celebration of how we have resurrected in some … Continue reading

Advent Week 1: Awaking to Hope

Sunday Service with the Rev. Patricia Bessey This past Sunday was the first day of Advent. We start a four-week journey into Christmas. Each Sunday we will light one candle as we prepare ourselves for the birth of the Christ child, which dwells within us. Our Advent wreath is round, without beginning or end, to represent the completeness that we have in Christ, God in us. Our first candle represents HOPE. We recall the hope we have in Christ. The prophets of Israel all spoke of the coming of Christ, of how a savior would be born, a king in the line of David. They spoke of how he would rule the world wisely and bless all nations. On Christmas day the Christ of our hope was born. On Good Friday the Christ of our hope died. On Easter day, the Christ of our hope rose from the dead. He … Continue reading