Beads On One String

Dennis Warner

Dennis Warner

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Dennis Warner —

Performing in over 100 cities each year, Americana/folk/acoustic musician and entertainer Dennis Warner captivates audiences with his smooth vocals and six- and 12-string guitars. He has also found a niche as a popular guest speaker at various community gatherings throughout the country.

• Ten CDs
• Featured in concert at The Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.
• Author of Beads on One String, Sixth Printing
• Three-time Kerrville Folk Fest “New Folk” Finalist
• Radio, TV and more…

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey

Today I want to give a special thank you to Sunday’s special guest, Dennis Warner. Dennis contacted me a couple of months ago and asked if he might come and perform for us, as he was accompanying his wife Tammy to Maine for a conference. Through sermon and song, Dennis shared with us his signature work, “Beads on One String: We’re More Alike Than We Are Different,” which is in its sixth printing.

From Dennis’ website: What began simply as a song and book about our “connectedness” in the world has grown into a popular positive behavior and bully prevention program for elementary schools.

Picture a beaded necklace, where every bead is a different size, shape and color, but all held together by one string. This is the concept Dennis Warner visioned while creating a song that evolved into the beautiful book now utilized throughout the USA and other countries, showing kids and adults that we are all connected, like beads on one string.

The congregation – including our children – were actively engaged with Dennis, singing the chorus with him. Our children made necklaces and bracelets of beads on one string, which brought a broad smile to Dennis when he saw them. Lastly, we do have copies of the book and the “Respond With Love” bumper stickers in our Book and Gift Store.

Sunday was also Earth Day, and if you stayed for lunch you would have seen each table had a bowl of dirt with the reminder to reduce, reuse and recycle. Thank you, Maria, for your creativity. Speaking of dirt and the three R’s, I will again put out a call to serve on the Season for the Earth team. If you are interested, please contact me.

Another opportunity that we would like to offer you is a chance to have a small garden by adopting a raised garden in the back yard of the church. You would take it from the planting to the harvesting and all that is required in between. In exchange, we would ask that you share some of your bounty with us to serve on Sundays. Let either me or Steph know if you are interested.

This coming Sunday I will be sharing the next I of the Storm talk on “Wholeness.” Following lunch will be the Unity Talent Show, which will prove to be a great event. The proceeds for this event go to outfitting our children’s cottage with furniture and accessories that make it a beautiful space for our beloved little people. Even if you can’t attend, you might consider giving a donation for it. Look for the poster board that will show some of the items that they are requesting.

You are a blessing in my life.
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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