Unity Practical Christianity: Silence

First in a series of Sunday messages by Rev. Pat Bessey

As I write this, my prayer is that you are enjoying a happy Labor Day Monday. We know that once Labor Day arrives we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall. With fall comes new classes at UGP, including two Unity classes beginning soon. They are Bible Interpretation: Hebrew Scriptures with Rev. Airin and The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity from the book written by Rev. Edwene Gaines, being taught by Steph Plourde. I encourage you to enroll in one or both as they will feed you spiritually.

I have a couple of shout-outs from this past Sunday. The first is to all who contributed to the potluck. What a beautiful array of delicious food. Thank you! And the second is to the Healing Service team. This team has been meeting for several years now and they quietly do their mighty work. The Healing Service takes place the first Sunday of the month, and in the words of someone who attended this past Sunday: “I felt cherished and bathed in the love in that room.” If you haven’t experienced their healing touch, I invite you to next month.

Charles & Myrtle Fillmore

Charles & Myrtle Fillmore

I have begun a new talk series based on the teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. I am calling it “Unity: Practical Christianity.” These talks come from what was the Unity Correspondence Course. This correspondence course came from a request, and here is some of what was written by the Fillmores to describe this course:

“In response to a wide-spread demand we have arranged to give lessons in Christian healing and the true science of Christianity:

  • This teaching is not theology, nor is it founded on any written authority. It is the Science of Mind and when once understood reveals to the student the Truth lying back of all religions.
  • The teaching given by this school is called Practical Christianity and Jesus Christ is the head and only Leader.
  • The Spirit of Truth is recognized as the one authority.
  • Truth may be recognized in two ways – in intellectual understanding or spiritual understanding. The intellect gets its knowledge from without, from books, from teachers. It merely stores facts up. But spiritual understanding comes from within, the Spirit quickening the intellect, illuminating the whole consciousness with an inner knowing. It is the object of these lessons to quicken the spiritual understanding and those who study them in prayer and spiritual meditation will find the light within.
  • Hold this thought daily: “The Spirit of Truth quickens my understanding and leads me into all Truth.”

Sunday’s message was on the “Silence.” Here is my favorite line from the talk: “Silence gives thought discipline.” Leading up to this line was the following:

In the Silence we feel after God, and great is the blessing when we get so still that we feel his presence filling and thrilling us with his life and love. We will then care little for the things of the world. They lose their seeming importance and we know what is meant by the command and promise, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33

And then following the line: “Silence gives thought discipline” is this: “power to direct and control thought comes not from the personal will, but by centering within, in I Am. Thus, poise and self-control are attained.”

Next week we will look at what the Fillmores had to say about “healing.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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