Unity Practical Christianity: Healing

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

Greetings to you. Our thoughts and prayers go out to families and friends in Florida. As we enjoy the beautiful weather here in Maine we do not lose sight of those who are experiencing the aftermath of Irma, as well as those in Texas still displaced by Harvey. As much as our electronic devices can be a hindrance in times like these, seeing a post or getting a text from a family member, friend or colleague that they or their families are safe is such a source of comfort.

This past Sunday I continued the series of Unity Practical Christianity lessons from the Unity Correspondence Course developed by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. The topic was healing. It was a very powerful message, of which the crux is that when we experience illness we all too often treat the effect and not the cause. Fillmore says, “The fault with all the healing systems of men lies in the fact that they have tried to cure disease without removing the cause of it. Causes are not remedied merely by dealing with effects. This is a simple proposition, and one that easily appeals to our reason. Then we shall go first to causes. If a cause is removed its effect disappears. This is the right and only sure method of wiping out the appearance of disease. And it should be remembered that disease is only an appearance. There is no power nor reality in it.”

He goes on to say, “Health is real, abiding, eternal, unchangeable. If mental and physical discords were real they could not be healed. It is very important to remember this, because the thought of man has so built up the belief in the power and reality of sickness and disease that they seem like impregnable fortresses of evil. This is especially true of those forms of error upon which the stamp ‘incurable’ has been placed. There are no incurable diseases. Every seeming ill has a cause, and that cause can be remedied; then the effect will disappear. The belief in the power and reality of disease is itself one cause of its appearance” (my emphasis here).

I ended the talk with an affirmation and I invite you to repeat throughout the day and week, “My body is the temple of the ‘Living’ Christ!”

Remember, you are blessed today and always because you are the living expression of the I AM. Claim It!

Next week we will look at what the Fillmores have said about “Prosperity.”

Join us Thursday evening for Unity’s 23rd World Day of Prayer at 7 p.m.

On another note: This Sunday your Board of Trustees, our dedicated Children’s Ministry teachers and our valued parents will be meeting at noon to envision a way forward for our future leaders and our children. If you would like to join us please feel free to do so. In support of this we are having a “trunk sale” on September 30 to seed the vision for moving forward.

This is an opportunity to declutter and support our children. You will be responsible for selling the items out of the trunk of your vehicle. This is a labor-free way for us to have a yard sale. All proceeds go to the Children’s Ministry expansion fund. Oh, and remember to bring enough cash so you can make change. In addition to the “trunk sale” there will be a bake sale, 50/50 raffle tickets, and the Book and Gift Store will be open.

Enjoy the fall and this beautiful weather!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

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