E-Squared: The Dude Abides Principle

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey based on the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout

Oh my word we had a fabulous turnout for our community meeting in spite of it being a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Our intention for this meeting was to look at our mission statement and to see what we could do going forward to make it active within our community. Here are the questions that were asked of the group to discuss.

  • What would you see Unity of Greater Portland doing in order to fulfill the vision and mission we have…
  • With no limitations, what bold step would you see Unity of Greater Portland taking next…
  • If you could have one wish granted for Unity of Greater Portland…What would it be and why?
  • What would be happening in Unity of Greater Portland for you to say we were living into our mission…


The group was asked to hold these questions in prayer and we would have another meeting at a later date to take the process to the next level of discernment. I am asking you to do this as well and if you would like to answer the questions and send your responses to me we will incorporate them into the information we have already gathered from yesterday’s responses. You will be hearing more about this in the future.

e-squaredThe talk on Sunday was the second in the series based on the book E Squared...it was on the first experiment The Dude Abides Principle. The principle is “There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.” Right out of the book this is what the author Pam Grout says about this experiment: “This experiment will prove to you once and for all that there is a loving, abundant, totally hip force in the universe. Some people call it God.  You can call is prana, “the all there is” or “Cosmo Kramer”…it doesn’t matter use whatever name works for you.”

Here is what Wayne Dyer had to say on his Facebook page about the first experiment: I did the first experiment in E-Squared the last two days and guess what it worked. I am going to try all 9. I read the book last week and ordered a case to give to family and friends.

To do this experiment properly you must set aside any skepticism you might have. You don’t have to forever but for 48 hours…it will be for just two days. Be curious enough to expect the dude to show up in living color…expect it with your whole heart…expect it with every ounce of your soul…

So if you don’t hear from the Field of Infinite Possibilities within 48 hours feel free to write it off…well this didn’t work…so much for that!

Here is the experiment:  Ask the Field of Infinite possibilities to make its presence known… ask for a blessing! Below you will find the Lab Report Sheet for you to document the results.

Lab Report Sheet

The Principle: The Dude Abides Principle

The Theory: There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.  And it’s yours for the asking.

The Question: Does the field of infinite possibilities (FP) exist?

The Hypothesis: If there’s a 24/7 energy force equally available to everyone, I can access it at any time simply by paying attention. Furthermore, if I ask the force for a blessing, giving it a specific time frame and clear instructions, it’ll send me a gift and say “My pleasure.”

Time Required: 48 hours

Today’s Date:

Today’s Time:

Deadline for Receiving Gift:

The Approach: I hate to break it to ya, FP, but folks are starting to talk. They’re starting to wonder, “Is this guy for real?” I mean, really, like it’d be so much skin off your chin to come down here and call off this crazy hide-and-seek thing you’ve been playing. I’m giving you exactly 48 hours to make your presence known, I want a thumbs-up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence.

Research Notes:

So I will close with my results of this experiment that I did this week…

On Thursday at 11 a.m. I started this experiment… at 3:47 Thursday afternoon I got an email from a former coaching client that hadn’t coached with me in over two years asking if she could start working with me again… I immediately remembered this experiment… there was a blessing.

Then it doesn’t stop there… Thursday evening I got a very clear message from my dad how proud he is of me… that he is always with me… another blessing.

There is more… I needed an opening story for this talk and in my inbox this morning was the story which fit perfectly with today’s experiment. This was all within the 48 hours.

I so want to hear your experiences with The Dude Abides Principle so if you feel inclined please send me your results.

Don’t miss next Sunday, when we will be looking at the Volkswagen Jetta Principle.

Have a spectacular Fourth of July!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Pat

E-Squared Introduction

e-squaredSunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey based on the book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality by Pam Grout

A huge thank you to Mary Ellen Doyle, Rev. Airin Wolf and Randall Sawyer for their leadership and time to organize what was required for us to participate in the Windham SummerFest parade. It was a beautiful day and all who attended had a great time.

Summer has arrived and our Children’s Program has moved into a more relaxed and fun time.  Each Sunday a member from the community who has committed their time along with a member of the Youth Education team are creating fun experiences for the children with a spiritual message at the heart of their activity. Kudos to a fabulous Youth Ed program under the leadership of Rev. Elizabeth Peterson.

An update on Jack Cole: Rev. LeRoy and I visited with him, and his lovely wife Sue, on Sunday and his spirits were up and he is waiting to be transferred to Brighton Medical for his rehab to begin. If you are planning on visiting him call Maine Medical to make sure he is still there. Stay tuned as the board is planning a fun-raising event to benefit Jack.

On Sunday, I began the new series E-Squared and oh my word this is going to be a great series. The author of the book Pam Grout has the gift of weaving important information in with a lot of humor. The book is available in our Unity Bookstore.

Here are a few thoughts from the first talk:

  • The field of potentiality is always available to us…the invisible energy field is 100% reliable
  • Our every thought always affects physical reality
  • Intention is the key so we must be clear, definite and set deadlines


So over the next several weeks we will be taking each of the nine experiments that are in the book and testing them for ourselves. They will be done within 48 hours and will prove that the field of potentiality is dependable, predictable and available to all.

I will be setting up a way that you can report the result of your experiments for others to benefit from.  Next week the first experiment we will be discussing is the Dude Abide Principle.  This principle is the foundation for all the others to build upon.

Have a creative week… here are a few creative exercises you can do that Pam Grout shares to get you primed for the experiments coming up… be mindful of your self talk… therein lies a great teaching.

Creativity exercises:

  • Go to a thrift store and buy the most outrageous outfit you can.
  • Make sugar cookies shaped like body parts.
  • Invent a new type of soup.
  • Make your own coloring book


You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Pat


Forgiveness and Appreciation

Sunday Message by Rev. Todd Glacy, Guest Speaker
Blog Post by Rev. Pat Bessey

seat-of-the-soulJune is flying by… graduations have happened, school is ending for the summer and Rev. LeRoy and I just returned from Unity’s People’s Convention that was in Overland Park, Kansas. It is always a joy to connect with colleagues and be part of the larger Unity movement. This year one of my favorite parts was the keynote and that was Mark Nepo. Daily we read The Book of Awakening. Also Gary Zukov was there and we enjoyed his workshop and the reintroducing of his book The Seat of the Soul. It has been 25 years since the original publishing of the book.  It now has a complete study guide and other support material. Stay tuned as I will be creating space for this teaching.

Other exciting take-aways from the convention that I will be sharing with you at our Community gathering on June 29 is a Power of Prayer Project and how we can get involved in Unity EarthCare and become a Certified EarthCare Congregation within Unity. The intention for this time together is to begin the conversation on how do we put feet on our vision and mission. So please make it a priority to be at this gathering. Set aside 12:30 – 2:30 p.m., giving us time for small group work and then bringing your ideas to the larger group.

Oh my word, this past Sunday was amazing. The newly ordained Rev. Todd Glacy gave the message on Fathers, along with adding his amazing voice in song. It was a heartfelt talk, and as he does so well, involved all of us in the music. Thank you Rev. Todd for who you are and what you bring to this community. We love and appreciate you!

e-squaredJoin me next week as I begin a new talk series on the book E-Squared by Pam Grout. You can purchase this book in our Unity Bookstore. The series will include nine do-it-yourself energy experiments that prove Unity’s basic tenet “your thoughts create your reality.” This is a great series to invite friends to join you and together you can compare notes on the experiments.
You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Pat

The 12 Powers: Love and Renunciation

12-powersOn Sunday our own Todd Glacy was ordained an Interfaith Minister after completing two years of training from CHIME… Chaplaincy Institute of Maine, an interfaith wisdom school. Well done, Rev. Todd Glacy…we celebrate with you!

This past Sunday was the completion of the series The Twelve Powers in You.  The last two Powers were Love and Renunciation/Elimination/Release. It is a feeling/emotion Power.

Love is the facility which gives us our ability to know our oneness with all others, and to feel a desire for only good for all.

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity said, “Love is an inner quality that sees good everywhere and in everybody. It insists that all is good, and by refusing to see anything but good it causes that quality finally to appear uppermost in itself, and in all things.”

Rabbi Julius Gordon once said, “Love is not blind–it sees more, not less. Because it sees more, it is willing to see less.”

Love is the emotional oxygen that keeps our humanity alive. Love is a process; not a product. It requires constant practice to develop a loving attitude and a loving behavior.

Love is located in the back of the heart. The color associated with Love is pink and the disciple is John.

Affirmation: I claim LOVE now. I use LOVE to attract myself to what is highest and most spiritual, so I can be the best, most loving person I can be.

Renunciation: is our ability to reject that which does not conform to spiritual principle.

Catherine Ponder… “If you want greater good, form a vacuum to receive it. In other words get rid of what you don’t want to make room for what you want.”

Charles Fillmore… “Thoughts are things…they occupy space in the mental field.  A healthy state of mind is attained and continued when the thinker willingly lets go the old thoughts and take on the new.  This is illustrated by the inlet and the outlet of a pool of water.  Stop the inlet, and the pool goes dry.  Close the natural outlet, and the pool stagnates, or, like the Dead Sea, it crystalizes its salts until they preserve everything that they touch.

“The action of the mind on the body is, in some of its aspects, similar to that of water on the earth. Living old thoughts over and over keeps the inlet of the new thoughts closed.  Then begins crystallization – with material medical has named arteriosclerosis.”

Renunciation/Elimination/Release is located in the lower abdominal region. The color is russet and the disciple is Thaddeus. It is a thinking/mental power.

Affirmation: I claim RELEASE now. I deny and eliminate anything that I have empowered to hinder my being the best person I can be.

Before we completely leave this series, the most important thing you must remember is that each of these powers must come under the dominion of the Christ. Left on their own they can cause us difficulty instead of helping us. When all twelve are operating at optimum your life will be smooth sailing.

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Pat