Let’s Get Real About Life’s Lessons

Rev. Pat Bessey

Rev. Pat Bessey

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

On Sunday we celebrated John Michael Roods, who over the last several years has given of his time, talents and treasures to bringing pockets of beauty to the grounds at Unity of Greater Portland. He has reclaimed so much of our land and has seen that it has been well cared for. John Michael, we love and appreciate you and all that you have given to us.

A new series, “Let’s Get Real About Life’s Lessons,” began this past Sunday. Often you hear people say that God is testing them when a problem or problems are in their life. The message on Sunday gave evidence that is a myth and is unequivocally not so.

Charles Fillmore wrote the following quote in his book, Talks on Truth:

“The love of God for His children is beyond description – a love so tender and so deep that it cannot be mentioned in the same breath with the ordinary love as known by the world. The great love of Being is deeper and wider that the thoughts and the words of man have compassed since the beginning of language.”

I believe there is no room in that statement for a God/Life that tests us and gives us difficult lessons. So what do I believe about these experiences we have that do seem to test our faith and our resolve? That do feel like someone or something is against me? I believe that the Essence of our Being, the God of our Being, the Internal Spark of Life that only wants to be as fully expressed through and as us as possible is calling experiences into our life so that we can become who we came here to be.

Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, tells us in the book Science of Mind, “… We reach out to Infinity and since we cannot encompass Infinity, we shall always be expanding and always enlarging our capacity to know and to experience.”

We are here to learn, to grow, and daily life is guaranteed to offer us all we need to evolve and awaken to our higher purpose. Accepting that that is so, here are four quick ideas as you embrace this new way of looking at Life Lessons.

• We Can’t Escape Our Growth Experiences.
• They are Repeated Until We Get It!
• They Get More Challenging.
• They May Seem Daunting, But We Can Grow!

The purpose of every growth opportunity is to heal the belief in separation. Every step of the way, the Infinite Source of Good that is only conspiring for our good is as close as our breath, as near as our hands and feet! If you feel that you are being held to the fire, remember you aren’t being tested. You have called it in for one reason and one reason only: so that the image of God can be more fully seen as you.

Next Sunday we will look at “Getting Real in Relationships.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

P.S. Our deepest thanks to the kind souls who volunteered to be helpers with our Children’s Church. What a tremendous gesture of love and support – we are so grateful to you!!


Unity Practical Christianity: Demonstration

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

We are well on our way to getting the new children’s classroom ready! After what we witnessed this past Sunday it is evident how much it is needed: we had 10 children all under the age of 12. This takes a very creative group of adults to keep them all engaged. Having two classrooms will certainly make this much more doable in the future; however, it also presents another opportunity that we are addressing. Each classroom requires two adults: a teacher and a helper. The helper’s role is just to assist the teacher – no preparation ahead of time is required. You just show up in the classroom at 9:50 a.m. and be a loving presence to the children. If the class is small, you may not be required, and then you can come into the service. Please search your heart and welcome the gift of sacred service that you can provide to the children and teachers. A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. You will be contacted to see when you are available.

On Sunday, the series Unity Practical Christianity ended, and already I miss it. After the first of the year, I will do another series on some of the advanced teachings, so be on the lookout for that.

Charles Fillmore

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity

This week was the Great Demonstration. Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, is writing these lessons in what was then called the Unity Correspondence Course.

Jesus was the one who modeled for us the Great Demonstration with eternal life.

Demonstration, complete: the putting on Christhood, which Jesus accomplished. It is a change of consciousness from error to Truth.

Charles Fillmore: The Great Demonstration, which crowns all others and includes all others, is the demonstration of eternal life. Life and Love, and all attributes of Spirit, are eternal, but everyone must come into the consciousness of eternal life and love and intelligence before they are eternal to him.

The importance of “consciousness” in all demonstrations, in the whole of salvation, should be clearly understood. The merely intellectual concept of life as eternal does not bring one into the great stream of pulsating, limitless, spiritual life.

From The Revealing Word: salvation – The restitution of man to his spiritual birthright; regaining conscious possession of his God-given attributes. It comes as the result of redemption, the change from sin to righteousness. Salvation comes to man as a free gift from God. It embodies a knowledge of God that frees one from all the spiritual place of consciousness.

The belief that Jesus in an outer way atoned for our sins in salvation. Salvation is based solely on an inner overcoming, a change in consciousness. It is a cleansing of the mind through Christ, from thoughts of evil.

Jesus came and made the Great Demonstration, and through him, through the understanding of power which he gives, every one of us can make it.

His teachings are not to prepare men for a heavenly home after death, but to give them victory over death and bring them into the consciousness of heaven here and now. Heaven is within us and all about us, awaiting our recognition of it and entrance into it.

The affirmation for this week is, “I AM filled with the quickening, vitalizing life of the Spirit and I love to express it.”

This Sunday we will have a community meeting. UGP’s leadership and I hope you will make time to be with us. It is an opportunity as a community to share in the vision and the direction that we are moving toward. Your voice is important!

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Symbols of Growth

Sherri Mitchell

Sherri Mitchell

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Sherri Mitchell.

Message from Rev. Pat Bessey:

A unique view of the current reality from an Indigenous spiritual perspective, and an opportunity for us to consider how the signs around us all point to the growth and evolution of our consciousness.

Our co-founder Myrtle Fillmore heard Spirit asking this question, “Who will take care of the children?” Of course, her answer was “I will!”

We have been asked that question at Unity of Greater Portland and we have answered “we will!” We have purchased a portable classroom that will serve our children well. It has been used as a portable office in its previous life and needs a little TLC to freshen it up inside and out. We are calling for your help in doing that. If you would like to make a donation to the Children’s Education Fund, that would be greatly appreciated. If you can volunteer some time, there will be a signup sheet on the bulletin board for you to let us know you are available. More details will follow.

This past Sunday we had as our guest speaker in the Season for Interfaith Intercultural Celebration Sherri Mitchell. Sherri has a resume that is as long as my arm and did she ever “wow” us. She is an indigenous person from the Penobscot Indian Reservation and is the Founding Director of the Land Peace Foundation, an organization dedicated to the global protection of Indigenous rights and the preservation of the Indigenous way of life. Her work is being featured in an upcoming documentary film titled Dancing with the Cannibal Giant, and her first book, Sacred Instructions, will be in print in February of 2018.

I invite you this Sunday to come to the prayer workshop, “Come Apart for Awhile.” In this workshop you will learn some prayer methods that will support your own needs, and also learn how to pray with and support others. In this critical time that we are living through, prayer is essential to living a more peace-filled life.

This workshop is also an introduction to what is involved in becoming part of our new Prayer Partner program, formerly known as the Prayer Chaplain program. Come on Sunday and learn more about it.

This coming Sunday I will be continuing the series on Unity Practical Christianity and the talk from the Unity Correspondence Course is “Demonstration.”

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey

Unity Practical Christianity: Prosperity Part 2

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey

Would you agree with me that life has a way of sending us curve balls? One of those curve balls landed with us and it has caused a disturbance in the field. Consequentially, this translates to the need to cancel our Women’s Retreat, which was scheduled on the 27 – 29 of this month. We had a situation come up with the venue that we were unable to resolve. So, the retreat team is taking a breath and now looking for a new venue for 2018. If you had already registered you will be receiving an email personally to discuss your refund. Life happens! And please hold the vision with us for an even more incredible Women’s’ Retreat at an earlier fall date in a perfect location next year!!

Now, switching gears… when you come to service next Sunday to hear Sherri Mitchell, you will have the opportunity to see our new portable classroom for our children. It will be delivered this week!

childrenI want to give a huge shout out to all who participated in the weekend events to raise money for the Children’s Education Fund with a trunk sale, food sale and 50/50 raffle. They raised $842 toward our immediate goal of $3,000. If you would like to help us reach our goal, you can donate here or send a check and make a notation on the memo line for Children’s Education Fund. We hear Sunday after Sunday that our little people are getting the Unity message embedded in their consciousness. When little Gabe, who is four and a half, can recite the Unity blessing, and when others can sing the Peace song and know the Prayer for Protection, we know they are getting a solid spiritual education. It is our responsibility to give them space to grow.

In keeping with the talk series Unity Practical Christianity, “Prosperity Part 2” was the topic. I touched on these subtopics:

  • Source vs. Channel — God is the Source; all else is but a channel of supply. The mind while yet in ignorance sometimes fixes itself firmly on the idea that supply can come only in some certain way.
  • Work vs. Service — There is nothing in the idea of working for a living. The true object of work is service and the expression of all man’s God-given faculties and powers.
  • Love of money — Money is not a curse to those who see the place it fills and keep it in its place.

All who have the understanding of true spiritual prosperity, keep the law of giving and receiving, and take the right attitude toward money, shall have plenty of it. It will flow into their hands and through their hands in a constant stream of blessing. They know it is not Substance, but the symbol of Substance, and they avoid the errors that follow the confusion of symbols with realities.

I also remind you that much of this is directly from Charles Fillmore’s writing of the early 1900s and therefore is not gender-sensitive.

Here are three affirmations for you to use to strengthen your faith:

  • I have faith in God as the Substance of All Good.
  • I have faith in the Substance as it is now manifest in me and my affairs.
  • The inexhaustible resource of Spirit is equal to every demand… there is no reality in lack… abundance is here and now manifest…

You are a blessing in my life,
Rev. Patricia Bessey