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Amy Cousins

Rev. Amy Cousins

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Rev. Amy Cousins

Follow-up message from Steph Plourde: This week’s letter is coming to you from me, Steph Plourde, as Revs. Pat and LeRoy are away at the Unity People’s Convention in San Antonio, TX.

This past Sunday, I did the 8 a.m. talk on Edwene Gaines’ Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. These laws are: tithing, goal-setting, forgiveness, and living your divine purpose.

If these principles had not had a profound impact on my life, I wouldn’t feel nearly as compelled to share them. All of the information below is directly from her book.

For starters, it’s important to define prosperity. Edwene’s definition, to me, reflects the scope of the abundance we hope for:

  • A vitally alive physical body to provide a comfortable worldly home for the spiritual beings that we are
  • Relationships that are satisfying, nurturing, honest, and work all the time
  • Work that we love so much that it’s not work, its play
  • And all the money we can spend

The spiritual laws Edwene outlines for us, she explains, “are just as much a force in life as is the law of gravity. They are very simple laws, but none of them are optional, and it does not matter a whit if you believe in them or not. They play a powerful role in your life regardless.”

Law One: Tithe. The law of tithing says you must tithe 10 percent of all that you receive to the person, place, or institution where you have received your spiritual food. What is “spiritual food”? Anything that inspires us and causes us to remember what we are – children of the living God with infinite possibilities for expression and with no end of joy in our lives.

Charles Fillmore says that when we begin to tithe, out faith increases a thousand-fold. He says this giving is based on a law that cannot fail, and “it is the surest way ever found to demonstrate plenty, for it is God’s own law and way of giving.”

Edwene explains that tithing represents “a dynamic act of courage. When we tithe, our faith and ability to stretch, to move forward, and to expand your vision of yourself and your life increases a hundred-fold.”

Law Two: Set Goals. You must set clear-cut, tangible goals. Setting concrete and practical goals creates a vessel with which you can catch the new wealth and good fortune that tithing brings you.

We are invited to imagine what our life would be like if you could do anything we wanted without any constraints or limits. Without worrying about how, because God knows how.

Once the message has been sent, ask in earnest: is there anything I could or should do. Listen. Stay in tune. Setting goals is directing faith.

Law Three: Forgive. Edwene says, “You must forgive everyone all the time, especially yourself”. Unity teaches that we are all original blessings – innocent in the eyes of God. If it is true that one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given is the power to choose our thoughts, then we must remember, as A Course in Miracles reminds us, that we can choose peace instead.

Edwene goes on to say, “On a spiritual journey, we are aspiring to a forgiveness that’s so deep, full, and complete that no traces of any bad feeling at all will remain in us. Very gently and very lovingly, we open our hearts so there is truly no condemnation in us. Even toward the people who do truly bad things. We must strive to feel no disapproval. You can get on a train ride of condemnation, finding fault, and assigning blame, but you don’t want to be on that train. Because riding that train will make you sick, and you don’t want to be sick. You want to be well.”

Unity Minister and Prosperity writer Catherine Ponder offers another perspective: “Since other persons are children of God, there is really nothing to forgive. If they have crossed our pathway, it was because they needed and wanted our blessing. They were unconsciously looking to us to be steadied and set right. Our progress has not been hindered, no matter what they did or did not do. They did not, they could not, keep our good from us. They crossed our path by divine appointment, even though they seemed to hurt us for a little while. When people bother us in any way, it is because their souls are trying to get our divine attention, and our blessing. When we give them that, they no longer bother us. They fade out of our lives, and find their good elsewhere.”

Law Four: Commit to Finding and Fulfilling Your Divine Purpose. Seek, discover, and follow your divine purpose. Every single one of us has some special gift, some special interest, some special talent, and some special way of impacting this world so that it becomes a better place for everyone. We are asked to hold fast to our divine purpose prayerfully, persistently, and patiently.

The premise here is that when we make 100 percent commitment to do or be something, and take every step with integrity, the universe will open up a way where before there was no way at all; the universe will rush in to support you. We find our great spiritual commitments by following your passions, by seeking to identify the one thing that you really, really are committed to changing for all humanity.

After looking carefully at the world, we must pick out one thing that we feel needs transforming, something that would be fun for us to get involved in repairing, shifting, restructuring, fixing, and perfecting. Edwene says this should be fun! It isn’t about martyrdom or great personal sacrifice. It’s about focus, joy, and a sense of purposeful possible achievement. Once we’ve identified it, we must take a bold step and make a 100% commitment to “fixing” the problem we have identified, followed by devoting our energies, time, talents, skills and money to transforming that one piece of the earthly puzzle.

I cannot recommend this book, these teachings, and their affiliated practices highly enough. I truly hope you will find in here a nugget that resonates with you!

Rev. Amy Cousins did the 10 a.m. talk on Sacred Service. She did a beautiful job of sharing her personal experience and passion for service, and inspiring us to find the same within ourselves.

This coming Sunday, Father’s Day, Rev. LeRoy will be sharing a special message about fatherhood.

Please join us!
Steph Plourde
Sacred Service Coordinator


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