Let’s Get Real About… Personal Transformation

Sunday message by Rev. Pat Bessey. The reviews are coming in on our awesome Kitchen Team and the fabulous meal that was prepared for us on Sunday. The food was delicious, there was a plethora of pies and the tables were decorated beautifully. It was truly a time of thanksgiving. I looked around the room and the tables were full (Maria told me that 63 meals were served) and the buzz of conversation was electric. Our kitchen team under Maria Lundy’s leadership goes above and beyond each week. They embody our core values of loving, accepting and welcoming. I’d like to give a shout out to Todd Glacy as well for the wonderful concert he gave on Friday evening: Todd, you are a class act and we are blessed to have you in our midst! As November is gratitude month, I would be remiss without mentioning our Children’s Ministry under … Continue reading

Vital Signs: Discovering and Sustaining Your Passion for Life

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Gregg Levoy Message from Rev. Pat: It was another great Sunday at Unity of Greater Portland. We hosted Gregg Levoy, author of Callings and more recently Vital Signs. Gregg has such a wonderful presence. He is both knowledgeable and witty. His topic, no surprise, is passion. The first point he made is that passion can be cultivated. It is not something you either have or don’t; it can be turned on as well as off. The second point was that passion is in the risk. You move from the sidelines onto the field. Actually, the risk often happens before you feel the passion. Gregg defines “risk” as whatever scares you. Risk is entirely relative – not to be compared with others. He identified a lot of small risks you can make. One that Rev. LeRoy and I took today was changing where we sat at … Continue reading

The Transcendence of Motherhood

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Ingrid Avery Message from Rev. Pat Bessey: As your minister, it is my responsibility to provide a sound spiritual message on Sunday mornings. When I am not giving the message, it is my responsibility to find those who I believe will deliver a message that has substance and truth, so you all walk away with a teaching that will support you in living your life. It is truly an act of surrender when I turn the platform over to someone else, as I do not have the details of what they will be sharing, only the topic. I want to say from the feedback I have received — and in listening to the message of the 10 am service online from Sunday — mission accomplished. A shout-out goes to Karen Bailey for doing a superb job at the 8 a.m. service and to Ingrid Avery … Continue reading

Opening to the Power of the Black Madonna

Guest speaker Meghan Don Message from Rev. Patricia Bessey: Over the last week we have had two powerful experiences that I want to highlight… last Wednesday we had two delightful young men come and share their experience of living in the Maher community in India. Then this past weekend Meghan Don gifted us with her wisdom at the service Sunday morning, and afternoon workshop and Tuesday evening at the women’s group.  Meghan shared for us her thoughts on the Dark Face of the Feminine and Her Healing Power. We are in a time of great birthing in our world, and yet, the birthing of new energy and new life begins with the dissolution of the old. It is how this dissolution is lived out and re-birthed that becomes the vital key to elevating our world and its soul. The Dark Face of the Feminine – also known as the Black … Continue reading

Parable for the 21st Century – The Pearl of Great Price

Sunday Message by Rev. Pat Bessey We are on the verge of beginning our second “Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration.” The team, under the guidance of Pat Bartke, has put together meaningful speakers and activities of interfaith and intercultural experiences that are foundational to celebrating a spiritually transformed world. Our focus at Unity of Greater Portland is to deepen our commitment to living a compassionate and non-violent life. We know that we often fear or separate from others when we do not know or understand them, and so for us to contribute to a world that works for all we must overcome our biases and see everyone as our brothers, sisters, and neighbors. With that being said, please make it a priority to attend as many events scheduled between October 3 and November 20 as you can. I will guarantee that you will learn a lot and expand your viewpoint of … Continue reading