Bowing to Our Adversaries

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Coleen O’Connell Message from Rev. Pat Bessey: Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? If so, you will relate to this. It seems every week I start this writing with a similar phrase – “it is a rainy, gloomy day” (Monday). Yikes… will this ever end?! In spite of the rain today, Sunday was quite a nice day. We had a great speaker, Coleen O’Connell. Coleen shared the deep concern she has for our planet from her perspective as an ecological and environmental educator. Considering the factual data she has gleaned over the years, the decision made by the current administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement was very disheartening to her — as it was to many of us. So, what do we do with our feelings of frustration, anger, pain? She led us through a beautiful practice, called “Bowing to Our Adversaries” … Continue reading

Green Faith – A Call to Act From A Christian Perspective

Sunday Message by Guest Speaker Susan MacKenzie. A spiritual director for two decades, Susan works with those who seek to embody their faith and to become more attentive to their spiritual gifts. Susan leads retreats on topics including prayer, nature, environmental justice, and sustainability to faith-affiliated groups throughout the Northeast. A master naturalist, she leads kayak, hiking and snowshoe trips to help people reconnect with nature. Susan belongs to the Pleasant Street United Methodist Church in Waterville Maine; teaches in the Environmental Studies program at Colby College; and serves on the Board of the Natural Resources Council of Maine, the state’s largest environmental policy advocacy organization. Related message from Rev. Pat Bessey: Life is never dull when you are part of the Unity of Greater Portland community, and I like it that way. This past Sunday we welcomed guest speaker Susan MacKenzie as part of our Season for the Earth. … Continue reading